Who am I?

My name is Eric Jones.

What am I up to here?

Blogos Ensarkos is a blog all about theology, specifically Systematic Theology. I want to do two things with this blog: 1) provide informative articles/posts on the various doctrinal loci (latin for locations) for those who are unfamiliar/new to the study of Systematic Theology; 2) on occasion provide extended in-depth theological reflection on a range of issues as they arise.

There are a host of resources out there, why another?

Good point. The answer in a word- Accessibility. There are many great resources that I would and will highly recommend. But not all of those resources are free. And not all of those resources seek to enable someone to pass on to the “next level.” Other resources are very perspectival, that is, they do a great job of laying out their perspective while either omitting or perhaps sometimes mischaracterising other perspectives. My hope is to draw on all these resources and my own theological learning to deliver a reliable “one-stop-shop.” That is not to say I don’t want anyone going anywhere else for beginner/intermediate theological information, exactly the opposite, please use the information I provide to go further, go beyond, grow and develop your own interests and expertise. Let me give an example… http://www.monergism.com is a PHENOMENAL resource for Conservative Reformed Theology. (I cannot recommend it highly enough–for that purpose.) However, it has a few blind spots. It may be a bit too niche. Karl Barth is perhaps one of the biggest and most important names in systematic theology, especially in the 20th century, yet a search for ‘Karl Barth’ on Monergism yields just TWO results (one of which is a dead link)!

In summary, why another resource? To provide accessible (free) information on a wider variety of theological subjects, to serve as a basis for continued study and basic understanding of the Loci, Thinkers, and Movements in Theology.

What are your qualifications to write a blog on this?

I have been a student of theology since I was in high school. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Colorado Christian University. I am completed my Master of Theology (M.Th.) in Systematic Theology at the University of Aberdeen and began a Ph.D. in the same subject at the same university before life got in the way and I had to, for the good of my family, jettison my academic aspirations. Moreover, I was an Affiliate Professor of Theology at my undergraduate alma mater before jumping into full-time vocational ministry.

What on earth does “Blogos Ensarkos” mean?

Blogos Ensarkos is a play on words. It comes from “logos ensarkos.” Logos ensarkos is a Greek theological term meaning “The Word in flesh.” The term is used to refer to the Second Person of the Trinity incarnate– i.e. Jesus Christ, as opposed to the Second Person of the Trinity as he exists in the Godhead in relation to the Father and the Spirit (asarkos). Thus the Logos ensarkos is the Son in his economic relation rather than his immanent relation, that is, his relation to Creation rather than his relation to the rest of the Godhead.  (and thus it begins! but more on this at a later date!)

Leave your thoughts!

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