I’m not one for a lot of rules, so i’ll keep it brief.

Here’s my parody of Warren Wiersbe’s Be… series.

  1. Be respectfulad hominem attacks will not be tolerated.
  2. Be constructive in criticism.
  3. Be patient with those who are not where you are.
  4. Be gracious to those with whom you disagree. Assume Christ died for them as well. You’re on the internet, all you have is someone’s profession of faith, you cannot (and indeed should not unless one of their elders in their own congregations) determine the authenticity of their profession.
  5. Be self-controlled in your choice of words. Every idle word will be judged. (not by me, btw.) Understand that while I don’t have a list of words I’m offended by or words I refuse to use, other people do, and your responsibility in their presence (virtual as it may be) is to refrain, lest they be pressured to violate their consciences or stumble into judgement of you.
  6. Be Concise. There are plenty of places for you to opine, the comment section of my blog is not one. Just fyi I won’t read/respond to a comment that is damn near the length of my post. (I’ve seen many people on other blogs essentially posting their own articles in comment sections.)

Maybe more at a later time.

Leave your thoughts!

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