Please feel free to contact me. I have lots of commitments and priorities so unfortunately at this point in time, the blog isn’t always the most pressing responsibility. Nevertheless, I will make every effort to respond.

Why might you want to contact me, you ask?

Here are some reasons to contact me.

  • requests- i.e. opinions, blog articles, further resources, etc.
  • questions- clarification, befuddlement, definition, etc.
  • correction- I am human and fallen, a combination which doesn’t bode well for the absolute reliability of what I say. Thus if you notice a factual inaccuracy such as a misattributed quote, etc. please do get in touch. (Please do not use the comment section to point these inevitable errors out- I’m not interested in allowing people to hubristically play “gotcha!”- such an endeavor is rooted in pride and is not done for the glory of Christ and thus will not be tolerated on MY blog, you can use your own blog to do that {at your own risk}!)
  • misc.- the catch-all category

oh yeah, it may be helpful if I provided my email address!

Slainte Mhath!

Leave your thoughts!

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