If Christ is king…

One of the few universally affirmed statements of Christian political theology is Christ is King. Christian political engagement must be informed at ever step by this affirmation. This is not the only doctrine that carries import for Christian political engagement but it certainly is primary. Every political stance a Christian takes must be congruent with … Continue reading If Christ is king…

What the Church needs now is Credibility, sweet Credibility!

I was recently watching Austin Powers agin. One scene stuck out to me this go around. Austin and Vanessa were sitting atop a double decker bus having a nice meal with live music. Austin famously announced, “Burt Bacharach, everyone!” To which Mr. Bacharach started singing his 1960’s hit, “What the world needs now, is love sweet … Continue reading What the Church needs now is Credibility, sweet Credibility!


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Hi, I’m Eric. Previously an Academic, I switched to full-time direct ministry with Denver Area Youth For Christ in 2018. I spend most of my time outside of work with my family, reading, writing, making music, and DM’ing. This blog is all about thinking through the Christian faith and applying it to all aspects of life.

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